The Utopia Bureau

The Utopia Bureau is Benrik’s latest incarnation in the post-Covid era. It’s a Creative Activism Lab, prototyping innovative ways to deal with climate emergency. Please check it out here.

Situationist iPhone app

Situationist makes your everyday life more thrilling and unpredictable. It alerts members to each other’s proximity and gets them to interact in random “situations”. These situations vary from the friendly “Hug me for 5 seconds exactly” or “Compliment me on my haircut”, to the subversive eg “Help me rouse everyone around us into revolutionary fervour and storm the nearest TV station”. Members simply upload their photo and pick the situations they want to happen to them from a shortlist, in the knowledge that they might then occur anywhere, and at any time.

Exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Banned by Apple.

This Diary Will Change Your Life

A recipe for permanent revolution in people’s imaginations, encouraging them to reinvent themselves every day of their lives by following Benrik’s instructions for lateral living. It has sold over 400,000 copies and spawned a worldwide cult. Published by Macmillan. “Best Of” available here.

“Hip, visually delightful and almost endlessly engaging” (Guardian)

Lose Weight Get Laid Find God

If your life has been ruined by Benrik’s other publications, this will help you get it back on track. This bijou book tells you what to do from 0 to 100, one year at a time. This is no random list: it has been carefully culled from Western culture. From losing your virginity (Age 17) to developing an unhealthy addiction to golf (Age 53), from your early midlife crisis (Age 37) to uncovering the meaning of life (Age 97), this book will ensure you cover all the bases by the time you die. You may purchase it here. Don’t die without having read it!

The Couple’s Book

The Couple’s Book is the indispensable interactive companion to any self-respecting relationship. It’s the first book for two, designed specifically for couples. Record your first date, doodle in it together, write down your vintage orgasms, plan your trial separation, and much more… It’s the perfect book for the perfect couple, though imperfect couples will also benefit hugely from its relationship-enhancing properties.

Free Ideas (Independent)

Benrik have also shared their overflow through a column in the Independent entitled “Free Ideas”, a satire on contemporary capitalism, now collected in book format.

Benrik Pitches (Guardian)

Weekly Benrik Pitch in the Guardian newspaper, archived.

More to come when we get round to posting it.

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